Dil Se Dil Tak: Teni decides to leave Bhanushalis


Teni comes home and gets a warm welcome from the family. The family thanks her for bringing happiness in their house. Dada ji tells Teni that they can never repay her for the happiness she gave them. Dadi wards off bad sight and asks Teni to come in. Parth meets them. Kaki tells Parth that Teni gave him the best gift and now they want to see what gift will he give Teni. Parth says Teni will be getting a huge surprise. Teni says you can give that later, I want to see the baby first.

Parth makes Teni away from the baby. He asks her to leave from the house, as her surrogacy contract ended with the baby’s birth. She refuses to him initially. She then agrees to Parth on seeing her presence hurting him. Teni tells the family that she is leaving from the house, as she has done her work. Indu asks Teni why is she going, is she pressurized by Parth, she was dying to see the baby and now she is deciding to give away from the baby.

Teni doesn’t tell them about Parth’s decision. She hides her sorrow from them. She is very depressed within. She loves Bhanushalis family. They mean a world to her. Parth wants Teni to go as he thinks he killed his wife. Teni lies to them that she is leaving as Parth can never forget Shorvori and he will never marry her, so its no use to stay back and trouble him more. Indu asks Teni not to go, as she regards him as her daughter. Teni wants to agree to Parth, so that his happiness doesn’t get spoiled.


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