Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami falls in huge dilemma over Sudha and Satrupa


Baldev misses Vatsalya by all his heart. Anami and Baldev share an emotional moment when they both miss Vatsalya and try to hold on his memories with them. Anami gets Vatsalya’s diary as it means his real memory for her. Baldev gets to see a picture which she got from Sudha’s trunk. He recognizes Vatsalya’s picture. He tells her that Vatsalya has won in debate competition when he clicked this picture. She learns Sudha has stolen this picture from Baldev. Baldev tells him that he had many expectations from Vatsalya, who left him very early. He remembers his bad past on seeing Narottam. He expresses his hatred for Narottam.

Adhiraj gets a strong evidence. He learns Sudha’s brother Purushottam mocked death to cheat the world and he is still alive. He doubts Purushottam is involved in Vatsalya’s death. He decides to find him. Satrupa meets Narottam and asks him to accept the changes happening in Lal Mahal.

She offers him to take over her small unattended business. Narottam gets emotional when Satrupa acts caring towards his wound. He thinks of the difference between Sudha and Satrupa. Satrupa tries to impress Narottam and win his heart, so that she can get Anami to her side and also make Sudha lose every support. She knows Narottam will always support Sudha, but if Narottam feels Sudha is wrong, he may withdraw support and turn towards a right path.

Anami learns her brother is going on a camp to learn English. Satrupa tells Anami that Lakshya will gain English proficiency at the camp. Anami doesn’t want to send Lakshya away. She is afraid of him and doubts on Satrupa’s intentions. Lakshya gets into an argument with Anami. He convinces her into sending him for the camp.

Satrupa suggests Anami to change her perception before judging everyone on a single platform. Anami wants some answers about Sudha. She gets in a dilemma over Sudha and Satrupa’s intentions. Pujan suggests Baldev to convince Dada ji for supporting their business venture. Baldev agrees to Pujan’s business idea. Anami tries to know Sudha’s perception. Sudha tells Anami that everyone has their own opinion. Anami has a contradictory opinion than Sudha. She learns Sudha’s motives to make Narottam the heir of Lal Mahal.


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