Marriage twist: Naren to protect Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Pooja troubles Kusum. She gets on the fan and asks Kusum to catch her. Her immature behavior irks Kusum to the core. Kusum calls the mental hospital doctor to catch Pooja and take her for the treatment. Pooja doesn’t want to go to mental hospital. Naren was leaving for Delhi to get best doctors for Pooja. He gets a call and learns that Pooja is taken to the mental hospital. Naren takes a u-turn and rushes back to save Pooja. He sees Pooja in trouble. Pooja gets a car on fire. Kusum asks Satish and Anuj to control Pooja. Pooja tells Satish that she wants to take a ride. Satish stops Pooja. Naren scolds Anuj and Kusum for sending Pooja. He takes Pooja with him.

Kusum tells them that Pooja can burn the house in her madness, she can’t see her family at stake. Pooja falls in the trap by her own family. Naren stops everyone, who raises a finger at Pooja’s mental illness. Kusum asks Naren by what right is he supporting Pooja. Naren answers them and tells them that he has a right on Pooja, as she is his wife now. He fills sindoor in Pooja’s maang and marries her to take all her responsibilities.


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