Narottam to get confronted in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami doubts on Narottam when she finds Vatsalya’s belongings in his room. She thinks Narottam has lied to her. She thinks of confronting him. Adhiraj shows the evidence to Dheeru and asks about Purushottam. Dheeru warns him against Purushottam, who can’t be caught so easily. Anami feels bad for Vatsalya, who always believed in wrong people. She misses Vatsalya. Anami learns Satrupa is supporting Lakshya well. He tells Anami that he has come first in the contest. He asks her to understand his real talent. Anami gets a hint by talking to Lakshya. He protests against her, by believing Satrupa. Adhiraj doesn’t know Purushottam is close to him. Purushottam is known to be the king of disguises. He meets Adhiraj and gets to know all the plan against him.

Adhiraj misses to see Purushottam. He learns the peon who gave to give tea was Purushottam. Narottam worries for Anami’s safety after having a bad dream about her. He meets Anami to see if she is fine. He asks her to take good care of herself. She tells him that she hates liars and can’t trust anyone when her trust breaks once.

She confronts Narottam over stealing Vatsalya’s belongings. Narottam lies to her. Sudha spoils Satrupa and Baldev’s happiness. Sudha warns Satrupa against her bad fate. Baldev takes a stand for Satrupa for the first time. He tries to keep Sudha’s bitterness away from Satrupa. He defends Satrupa, which makes her glad. Sudha is sure that their relation won’t exist for long. Adhiraj warns Anami to be extra careful. He tells her that he will soon meet her at Lal Mahal. She feels if Narottam was lying to her about Vatsalya. She wants to raise the curtains off the truth.


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