Simar to answer Anjali’s madness in Sasural Simar Ka


Anjali gets into an argument with Simar and Mata ji. She takes a big step to ruin Bharadwaj house. She asks Simar to look at herself before raising fingers at others. Anjali was about to burn the house, when Simar stops her. Simar slaps Anjali and asks how much low will you fall. Mata ji asks Simar about the kerosene smell. Simar says this Anjali is not our daughter, she is a devil, she was burning our house.

Anjali tells Simar that she has crossed all the limits, she has come to burn the house, she will not hear anything from them, who always did wrong with her, who snatched her happiness. She blames Simar for ruining her life and never thinking good. Simar calls police to throw her out. Anjali’s truth has come out. They doesn’t want anyone with so much hatred and evil to stay with them. Anjali is angered as they didn’t value her and withdrawn support. Anjali goes to police custody. She gets more revengeful. Simar hopes to get some peace.


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