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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay gets another shock from Shwetlana. He reveals to the family that Shwetlana is not going. He promises to manage everything. They get emotional seeing Rudra. Rudra tries to hide his sorrow from his brothers. Shivay tells his brothers that whatever he will do will be for them. Omkara and Rudra tell him that they will always trust him, no matter whatever happens. Shivay reveals a huge secret to them, by taking a promise from them. They promise to keep the matter a secret. Omkara and Rudra learn the secret and support Shivay.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga reveals to Rajveer that Gayatri is Jassi. She shares the bad past of Jassi. Rajveer can’t believe Gayatri was an athlete. Gayatri and Neelkant make their plans to stop Durga from participating in the championship. Rajveer asks Durga is she is sure about Jassi. Gayatri wants to turn the tables round. Rajveer too thinks they got the chance to bring out Gayatri’s truth in front of the media and take revenge. Durga doesn’t want to take revenge from Gayatri. She tells Rajveer that they can teach a lesson to Gayatri by compelling her to train her. She tells she can’t insult her mum in law.

    Rajveer asks Durga to think about this chance. Durga swears to change Gayatri into a better person by reminding her past. She tells Rajveer that she will get training from Gayatri, who was a best athlete. She asks Rajveer to have belief in her, she will succeed in this impossible task. Rajveer wishes her all the best. Yashpal gets upset knowing Durga is expelled from the academy. He asks Durga how will she fulfill their dreams now. Durga tells him that she doesn’t regret to go against Bhagat, she wants to be a good human first, and then a champion. She doesn’t want to side her values for success. Yashpal worries for Durga’s training. Rajveer promises he will train Durga and make her a winner. Rajveer relieves Yashpal’s tension.

    Durga comes back home and reveals about Jassi to Gayatri. Gayatri gets a huge shock knowing Durga has learnt her past. Durga asks Gayatri to train her into a champion if she wants her past to get sealed. Gayatri gets stunned. Durga proves Gayatri that she is still Jassi. She asks Gayatri about her tattoo. Gayatri fails to counter Durga’s move.


    Naira tries to prove Kartik’s innocence. She stays close to him to give him strength. Kartik is sure Naira will free him. Manish and Akhilesh seek help from police. Naira and Kartik try to talk and pass each other’s message. They have an emotional moment. Naksh and Kirti suspect Aryan and try to find him. Manish learns from his manager that Aryan was the one who made the plan to trap Kartik. They get wondering why Aryan has enmity against Kartik. Naira gets permission to meet Kartik. She tries to cheer him up. Kartik learns that Aryan has framed him.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Bhallas and Iyers become neighbors again. Ishita gets happy seeing her mum and Mrs. Bhalla fighting like before. She feels their usual fights can trigger Raman’s memory. Iyers celebrate their comeback in their old flat. Ishita finds excuses to meet Raman. She gets glad to become his neighbor again. Ishita gets into an argument with Raman. She complains about his mother troubling them. Simmi doesn’t think Ishita can succeed. Raman doesn’t recall anything. Simmi is confident that Raman can never regain his memory. Raman asks Simmi to make Iyers away.

    Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

    Karan accepts the blames posed by Kavita. Ahana ends the problem by dumping the earring. She tells everyone that house peace is more important than money. She asks Kavita to belief Karan, the family is made only by beliefs. She tells them the family should not have any doubt on each other. She asks them to try to lessen their weakness than blaming anyone. Anant gets glad to see Ahana’s way of handling the matter. Roshni gets impressed with Ahana. She thanks Ahana for supporting Karan. Rehaan gets into an argument with his girlfriend. He worries for Anant. He decides to find out Ahana’s true intentions. She asks him to talk to Gupta and get a lead.

    Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

    Anami learns about Vatsalya’s dreams. She seeks help from Dada ji. She asks him to invest in Vatsalya’s dreams, which she will lead by her hardwork and talents. She wants to open a school and hospital for poor people in need. Dada ji doesn’t believe in her capabilities. Anami tries to prove her mettle to Dada ji. She asks him to think over the matter and decide if he really cares for Vatsalya’s dreams and wishes. Satrupa bonds with Lakshya. Anami gets displeased seeing them.


    Bebe asks Neil to marry Juhi. Neil refuses to marry Juhi. He tells Bebe that he won’t marry Juhi even for Mishti’s sake. Bebe tries hard to compel Neil. Neil doesn’t let Avni or Bebe to force him. He tells Bebe that he will leave the job and also the city. He tells Avni about his decision to leave from the family. Avni tells him that they can’t leave the family. He tells her that he will find any job in another city. Bebe asks Neil to save Mishti from the society’s taunts. He tells the family that he can’t give happiness to Mishti by losing Avni. He can do anything, but not lose Avni. He tells Avni that his decision will not change. Shweta feels Bebe is being unfair to Neil. She supports Neil’s decision.


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