Naira to prove Aryan’s plotting in Yeh Rishta…

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Naira tries to prove Kartik’s innocence. She stays close to him to give him strength. Kartik is sure Naira will free him. Manish and Akhilesh seek help from police. Naira and Kartik try to talk and pass each other’s message. They have an emotional moment. Naksh and Kirti suspect Aryan and try to find him. Manish learns from his manager that Aryan was the one who made the plan to trap Kartik. They get wondering why Aryan has enmity against Kartik. Naira gets permission to meet Kartik. She tries to cheer him up. Kartik learns that Aryan has framed him.

Manish informs Naira that the manager has accepted the crime and also revealed that Aryan is the mastermind behind this conspiracy. Naira, Naksh and Kirti try to find Aryan in Greece. Naira promises Manish that she will find Aryan at any cost. Naira gets to know Aryan has come with a different identity. They try to nab Aryan before he gets away. The police tells Naksh that they can’t arrest Aryan without any proof.

Naksh tells Naira that they have to complain against Aryan. Naira gets an idea to get Aryan arrested. Manish makes the manager call Aryan. Their conversation becomes a proof against Aryan. Naira takes police’s help to get Kartik freed. She proves Aryan has framed Kartik in the false case. Kartik gets released by the police. The family gets relieved on talking to Kartik and finding him fine. Kartik is glad that the family saved him soon. Kartik gets grateful to Naira. Manish asks police to punish Aryan. Suwarna doesn’t learn that Aryan is her son. She is happy that Kartik is proved innocent. She wishes Aryan gets caught and punished.


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