Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Big revelation about Vatsalya’s culprits


Anami learns about Vatsalya’s dreams. She seeks help from Dada ji. She asks him to invest in Vatsalya’s dreams, which she will lead by her hardwork and talents. She wants to open a school and hospital for poor people in need. Dada ji doesn’t believe in her capabilities. Anami tries to prove her mettle to Dada ji. She asks him to think over the matter and decide if he really cares for Vatsalya’s dreams and wishes. Satrupa bonds with Lakshya. Anami gets displeased seeing them.

Sudha meets her brother secretly. They together makes plans against Lal Mahal. It gets revealed that Sudha and Purushottam had killed Vatsalya in the deadly car accident. Sudha wants to make Narottam the heir. Sudha doesn’t get back from killing anyone who comes in her way. She tells Purushottam that Anami is their next thorn. She feels Narottam is sensitive. She tells him that Narottam started loving Anami as if they have any blood relation.

She doesn’t want Narottam to turn protective about his step-sister. She asks Purushottam to talk to Narottam. Anami spots Purushottam and assumes him to be some thief. She alerts the guards. Purushottam manages to leave. He tells Sudha that he will make a rocking entry in Lal Mahal. Adhiraj tells everyone that thief didn’t come to rob anything, he would be Sudha’s relative. He doubts Purushottam has come to meet Sudha. Satrupa tells Adhiraj that she is sure that someone residing in Lal Mahal has handled the thief’s entry. Lakshya learns Sudha is planning to kill Anami. Sudha gets to see Lakshya and kidnaps him.


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