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Dil Se Dil Tak: Parth is very happy to become a dad. He asks the nurse to teach him how to handle a new born. He doesn’t allow Teni to touch the baby. The baby cries. Parth takes nurse’s instructions and changes the baby’s nappy. He takes care of the baby. He puts the baby to sleep. Nurse helps him. He learns baby care from nurse. He pays attention and understands the process. He gets the baby to Indu. Indu tells him that baby needs his mum, baby will get consoled only by a mum’s touch. Parth respects Indu and agrees to her. She tells him that Teni will feed the baby and return the baby to him in some time. Parth allows Teni to take the baby. Indu and Teni spend time with the baby and get some happiness.


Preeto helps Soumya and the kinners on kitchen. Soumya asks Preeto not to work, they will manage. Saaya sees Preeto. She thinks time is mighty and it can change anyone, when Preeto was left by the family, she didn’t get help from the society too, just Soumya has helped her. Preeto has realized her mistakes. Preeto never expected she will go through such a time in her life. She feels she has don e much wrong, she did big mistake to misunderstand kinners. Preeto cooks the food for kinners. The kinners praise her and try to make her comfortable.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi:
Prem and Tejaswini reveal to the family that Dharam is alive. They get Dharam home, and bring a wave of happiness in family. Dharam is alive and fine. The family gets very happy and hug Dharam with tearful eyes. Mandira and Preeti had kidnapped Dharam and did the accident drama. Prem and Tejaswini knew this secret and wanted to get Dharam home. They played their game and found Dharam finally. Prem and Tejaswini try to expose Mandira and Preeti. Prem points a gun at Preeti and asks her to admit the truth. He shoots at Preeti to scare her. He wants Mandira and Preeti to get punished.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay gets fine from back injury and returns home. Durga too lands in Sanjay’s house with a motive. He wants to take revenge from Durga. He still feels she is wrong. Durga believes she is married to Sanjay and belongs to Sanjay’s family now. Sanjay troubles her and asks her to sign divorce papers. He asks her to sign the papers and get out from his life, after which she won’t have any value in the society. He tells her that he will just torture her till she stays with him.


Suraj meets Chakor in jail. Chakor has give a big sacrifice for the village’s welfare. Suraj hugs Chakor and tells her that he will always love her, he will wait for her. He gets much emotional. He tells her that he is given very less time to talk to her, but he wants to tell her that she has set everything fine, Bhaiya ji got punished for his mistakes. Suraj gets much sorrowful as he has lost Chakor and their child. He is hopeful that five years will end soon. He says I heard they can leave you free based on your good behavior. She jokes that her behavior is not so good.


Aryan is trying to get love from Goenka family. Dadi wards off bad sight from Kartik and Naira, as she usually does. Aryan touches Dadi’s feet and takes blessings. He hugs Dadi. He wants to live every moment. Dadi wards off bad sight from him too. Aryan wants to take Kartik’s place. Dadi tells Aryan that she loves him like she loves Kartik. Aryan tries to come between Dadi and Kartik. Kartik is not jealous. He is happy that his brother is getting Dadi’s love. Aryan wants all of the family members to love him more than Kartik.

Piyaa Albela:

Naina is troubling Pooja. She tells Pooja that they will play a game. She takes Pooja to a big well. She leaves Pooja inside the well. Pooja gets scared and shouts for help. Naina opens the water taps. The water gets filling in the well. Water levels get on increasing. Naina enjoys the sight. Naina wants to kill Pooja. She hates Pooja. She says my mum was made demented by selfish people, and today fate has made Pooja mad. Naren reaches Pooja in time and saves her. Pooja hugs Naren and cries. Naina is planning to harm Pooja. Naren learns Naina’s planning and gets angry.

Kumkum Bhagya:

The snake creates a stir in Mehra house. Pragya and Abhi manage to get saved from the snake. Simonika’s plan fails. She attempted to kill Abhi, but her move brings Abhi and Pragya close. Tanu gets upset seeing them closer. She doesn’t care that Abhi is alive. She tells Aaliya that Munni is really frustrating her. Pragya tries to find out if the snake was sent by someone.


Shwetlana and Tia get together to break the Oberois family. Shwetlana blackmails Shivay badly with strong evidences against Tej. Shivay doesn’t want the family to face any moment of shame. Moreover, he doesn’t want Omkara to shatter with Tej’s truth. Shivay decides to turn back into his old avatar to teach his enemies a lesson. He gets back his anger, attitude and arrogance in dealing with the tough situations in life. Anika finds Shivay changing like before, but pledges to support him under any circumstances. Shwetlana and Tia make Jhanvi to insecure for her sons’ future. Jhanvi showed much trust in Shivay till now. When Tej reveals to her that Shivay is ruining Omkara and Rudra’s lives, she thinks of confronting Shivay. Jhanvi and Shivay make an emotional moment, when Shivay gives her assurance that he won’t let anything wrong happen with his brothers.


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