Nimki Mukhiya Big Comeback in Tetar's haveli

Nimki gets excited to marry Babbu Singh in Nimki Mukhiya

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Nimki is going to get married. Babbu’s proposal has come for her. Nimki is very happy. She tells her family that she likes Babbu since long, she is lucky for them, they will get inside haveli and become relatives of Tetar Singh by this alliance. She asks her dad not to believe anyone who talks against Babbu. She says times have changed, no guy is decent these days. Nimki convinces her family for approving Babbu’s proposal.

Nahar Singh happens to come home and learns Nimki’s planning. He sees the family bonding and celebrations going on. He gets upset and insults them for cheating everyone by this plan. Nimki gets angry on Nahar and reminds that she is the village head, she can create troubles for him. Nimki had this dream to marry Babbu. Her dream gets fulfilled. She looks forward to marry Babbu. She feels Babbu is in love with her. She doesn’t know what planning is going on against her. She gets super excited to begin her marriage preparations.

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