Uma and Kanak make a vow of togetherness in Tu Sooraj…


Uma wants to impress Kanak. He knows she likes hindi songs. He learns hindi songs from Suman and Shiv. He plans to surprise Kanak by singing a romantic song for her. Uma learns her feelings and was avoiding her to confess love first. Uma finds hard to sing well. Suman and Shiv suggest many songs. Uma doesn’t find the lyrics meaningful and rejects the songs. He practices many songs. Shiv asks Uma to drop singing attempt and try anything else. Shiv says you are just good in singing bhajans. Shiv and Suman help out Uma by suggesting more ideas. Uma too feels he can’t sing well. Shiv asks Uma not to lose courage and keep trying out some other ways.

Shiv asks him to do something that he is best at. Kanak and Uma have a sweet moment. Kanak makes him promise that he always stays with her and never doubts on her.

Uma promises her that he will always trust her, even if he sees something wrong happening. She tells him that if he finds anything wrong, he has to understand that she is trying to set something right by her step. He understands Kanak better. Kanak has done a lot for the family. She has exposed Aditya’s truth and saved Payal’s future. She has settled Payal with Ved. Uma knows she is selfless. He started trusting her again. Kanak has won his trust and love. He knows Kanak is selfless and good hearted. Kanak plans to expose Maasi’s true face in front of Uma.


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