Rahul to suspect Gauri’s intentions in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya


Rahul gets a huge shock when he sees a girl giving the costumes of Kaal Bhairav’s worshippers to some village men. He tries to find the identity of the girl. He doubts that the girl is involved in carrying out the plan in temple every night. Rahul gets an anklet in the jungle. He learns the anklet belongs to Gauri. He decides to follow Gauri and know her secret. He learns Gauri is dressing up as Kaal Bhairav. Gauri takes Kaal Bhairav’s disguise, which shocks him. Namrata then clears to Rahul that Gauri is just taking part in a play conducted in the village.

Namrata asks him to keep them away from his investigations. She laughs off on his suspicions on Gauri. Gauri’s mum Kalavati gets attacked by Shamsher. Rahul comes to her rescue. Gauri gets glad seeing her mum fine. She befriends Rahul again. She forgets their old fight. She thanks him for saving her mum. Gauri tells Rahul about the gold coin tradition observed in the temple. Rahul gets busy in his new search to trace the culprit changing the gold coin in the laddoo. Gauri starts falling in love with Rahul. Rahul suddenly decides to leave the village, which shocks Gauri and Namrata.



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