Rehaan faces Anant and Ahana’s wrath in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara

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Rehaan makes a mind to share all his findings with Anant. He recalls Gupta’s warning for Anant. He learns Anant’s belief in Ahana. Anant tells Rehaan about the way Ahana managed a big matter with ease. He feels he did right by marrying Ahana. Anant tells Rehaan that Ahana is a genuinely good person. Rehaan doesn’t know how to tell Anant about Ahana, whom he believes so much. Rehaan sees Ahana and tries to stay away to wrap up his feelings. Anant asks Rehaan to join them for dinner. Rehaan readily agrees.

Rehaan meets Richa. He confides that the girl was not Vyoma, his girlfriend. He tells her about Ahana. Richa understands that Rehaan has an interest in Ahana. She tells him that since Ahana is married to his uncle, he will try to keep himself away by making wrong opinions about her. Rehaan feels Ahana will really ruin Anant. She tells him that she can understand that he doesn’t have believe in himself, so he is trying to put Ahana in bad light to stop his heart from getting inclined towards her. She advises him not to hate Ahana being helpless that he can’t love her. Rehaan deals with his feelings.

Ahana tells everyone about Anant giving her a wedding gift. Rehaan sees the costly diamond necklace and feels Ahana is really after Anant’s money. He thinks Ahana is using Anant’s goodness. He tells them that he has met Tarun today. Ahana tells Anant about Saloni and Tarun’s problems. She tells him that Tarun is not getting a good job because of his dad. Anant tells her that Tarun can work for him. Ahana gets glad. Rehaan reacts angrily. Anant tries to know what made Rehaan upset.

Roshni and Ahana try to know the matter. Rehaan tells Anant that he can’t see anyone hurting him. Anant asks Rehaan what wrong happened. Rehaan tells Anant that this time its Anant’s mistake. He calls Anant’s marriage a bad decision. He raises allegations against Ahana, which angers Anant. Anant doesn’t want Rehaan to drag Ahana in any matters. Rehaan tells him that he has met Gupta to know the truth. He reveals that Gupta was saying true about Laila. He asks Anant to understand him. He points a finger at Ahana too. Anant asks him to end the discussion. Ahana gets to hear Rehaan and expresses her hatred towards Rehaan.

Rehaan tries to save Anant from Ahana. Anant tells Rehaan that Ahana loves him, that is why they got married. He asks Rehaan not to comment on their marriage again. Anant keeps his trust on Ahana. Ahana is glad that Anant trusts her. She reprimands Rehaan for his thinking. Rehaan still keeps his same opinion. Ahana gets angry on him, over his past with Saloni. Anant gets disappointed with Rehaan. Anant apologizes to Ahana on Rehaan’s behalf. Rehaan sees Anant driven by Ahana. He gets more mistaken about Ahana. Rehaan decides to leave from the house, and get away from the family.


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