Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita expects her plan to trigger Raman’s memory

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Raman gets worried for Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi thinks of helping her mum, but Parmeet stops Simmi. He reminds her that they have lost Ananya because of Ishita. Aaliya informs Shagun about Mrs. Bhalla’s arrest. Shagun tries to send help. Ashok reaches the place and stops the arrest. He clears out Ishita’s name by calling the entire incident a result of a big misunderstanding. Raman demands Ishita to apologize to his mum. Ishita feels sorry that her plan failed. Parmeet fills more hatred in Simmi. He asks Simmi not to melt her heart seeing her mum affected.

Shagun sees Ishita with Ashok. She demands them to share the truth with her. Ishita doesn’t tell her plans to Shagun. She tries to keep things under wraps so that nothing wrong happens. Shagun feel something is wrong with Ishita. She gets determined to learn Ishita’s plans. She thinks Aaliya can help her.

Ashok tells Ishita that Romi was the one who informed him on time and made him solve the mess. Romi meets Ishita and offers support. He tells her that he knows her planning and he is ready to support her for the betterment of the family. He is sure that just Ishita can set everything fine in the family. Ishita feels happy to get Romi on her side. Parmeet tells Simmi that they have to extra careful of Ishita, who would plan against them again. He asks Simmi not to take stress, as Ishita can never reach that doctor. She tells him that Raman will continue taking the pills, which will wipe off his memory too.

Surprisingly, Raman refuses to take the pills. He throws the pills away, which gets witnessed by Ashok and Ishita. They get happy that their plan finally worked. Simmi’s warnings to Ishita fall flat. Ishita tells Simmi that Raman has thrown away the pills himself, which is her victory. She warns Simmi to change her evil intentions, else she will be hurting herself some day. She promises Simmi that she will get her old friend hidden in her back. She doesn’t like Simmi’s revengeful side. She reminds Simmi their old friendship. Simmi just remembers that they lost Ananya because of Ishita.

Ishita is sure that Simmi can change into a better person again. She keeps patience while dealing with her. Ishita is hopeful to end Simmi’s hatred. Raman keeps Parmeet away from current projects. He asks Parmeet to finish off the pending work. Parmeet feels humiliated again. He doesn’t want to lose to Ishita. Ishita feels Raman’s decision to keep Parmeet away is right. Raman and Ishita give a tough competition to each other. They look forward to know the result of the CEO award competition. She boosts his confidence by challenging him. Ishita and Ashok plan to make Raman win the award, so that his memory gets triggered.


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