Lakshya to get kidnapped by Purushottam in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Anami asks Lakshya to talk with everyone while keeping his manners and values. She scolds him. Lakshya gets upset with him. Adhiraj tries to nab Purushottam. He gets his location and reaches the place. Sudha stays connected with Purushottam. She alerts him in time, and he leaves from the sight of CBI. Lakshya bonds with Satrupa more. Anami tells Satrupa that Lakshya is misbehaving with elders. She decides to punish him by stopping his winter camp coaching. Satrupa asks him not to punish a kid. Anami wants Lakshya to keep their values. Lakshya gets into an argument with Anami.

Anami tries to explain him in a good way. She asks him not to forget their roots and ideals. Lakshya apologizes to her. She asks him to do what he feels right. Purushottam takes a disguise and reaches Lal Mahal to meet Sudha. He gets an entry inside. Anami doesn’t like Lakshya and Satrupa bonding. Dadi tells her that she is seeing flaws in Lakshya, just because he is getting close to Satrupa, whom she hates. Anami understands her mistake and accepts she has done wrong. She goes to convince Lakshya.


He gets annoyed with her and gets away. He hides somewhere and gets to hear Sudha’s evil planning. He sees Sudha and Purushottam, who decide to kill Anami so that no one can weaken Sudha’s place in Lal Mahal. Sudha wants Anami to be out of his way. She feels Anami is of no use for her now. Lakshya gets a huge shock knowing Sudha is Anami’s enemy. He runs to inform Anami, who looks for him. Sudha and Purushottam see Lakshya around and understand he has heard all their plannings. Sudha asks Purushottam to kidnap Lakshya. She doesn’t want her plan to fail. She decides to get Lakshya killed. Purushottam takes Lakshya away from Lal Mahal. Anami misses to see Lakshya. Sudha feels she can catch Anami by using Lakshya. Satrupa feels Anami will be going away from her because of Sudha.


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