Mandira attempts to stop Vijay’s marriage in Saam Daam Dand Bhed


Mandira-Anant and Bulbul-Vijay are getting engaged. Mandira is not happy seeing her love Vijay getting engaged to Bulbul. Bulbul is much happy with Vijay. Mandira loves Vijay a lot. Her marriage got fixed with Anant by a misunderstanding. Vijay and Bulbul get engaged first. Mandira gets tearful eyes. She gets deeply hurt. Vijay wants Mandira to move on in life. She gets heartbroken. She is still trying to make Vijay change his decision. He has sacrificed his love for Anant’s sake. Mandira doesn’t want him to compromise his happiness. Bulbul regards Vijay as Lord. He has saved her life by marrying him. She falls in love with him.

She reminds Vijay that he truly loves her, they still have time to set everything right. She tries to get the ring selected by Vijay. She fools Bulbul and gets the ring from her, saying she will arrange another ring for her. Bulbul gives her ring to Mandira, but Vijay arranges something to get engagement done. Mandira looks troubled. She didn’t expect Vijay will cross the hurdles posed by her. Mandira unwillingly gets engaged with Anant. Mandira gets sad. She wants to keep trying till the marriage day. Anant loves Mandira and tries to keep her happy.


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