Rehaan and Anant’s relation to break in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan gets heartbroken when Anant doesn’t believe him. Anant shows his faith in Ahana. Rehaan thinks of Anant and his relations. Anant asks the family not to worry for Rehaan, he would get fine in some time. Rehaan packs his bags and tells them that he is leaving the house. Roshni panics hearing this. She requests Anant to stop Rehaan. Roshni can’t let Rehaan leave. Anant refuses to stop Rehaan. Yamini asks Anant why is he letting Rehaan leave. Anant tells her that Rehaan doesn’t trust him and his decisions.

He wants Rehaan to leave if he has decided this. Yamini asks him to think about Roshni once. Anant asks her to make Roshni learn to live without Rehaan. Aarav and Roshni cry for Rehaan. Rehaan consoles both of them, and tells then that he has to leave from the house as the matter is bit serious this time. Rehaan’s departure upsets many. Rehaan leaves even his car. His heart gets sinking to get away from Anant.

Anant thinks Rehaan will change if he stays without the family for some days. Anant cries seeing Rehaan parting ways. Rehaan wishes a best life for Anant. Ahana tries to explain Anant that Rehaan loves him a lot, all that he did was out of concern for him. Anant doesn’t want to forgive Rehaan this time as he can’t hear anything against Ahana. He tells Ahana that she doesn’t need to clarify for Laila’s mistakes. He shows his strong belief in Ahana. Ahana feels sad for Anant and Rehaan’s breaking because of her. Rehaan thinks of Anant, who has been a fatherly figure for him. Anant wants Rehaan to turn responsible. Anant and Rehaan hugely miss each other.



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