Falguni gifts a big defeat to Uttara in Jiji Maa


Suyash gives his best wishes to Falguni. He is sure his lucky charm will work for Falguni. Uttara learns Falguni is Maithili’s head designer. Maithili and Uttara meet at the company to get the big deal. Maithili introduces Falguni to everyone. Falguni surprises everyone with her best designs and presentation. The company decides to give the deal to Maithili. Falguni wins the contract and fails Uttara. Uttara confronts Falguni for going against her. Falguni replies that she didn’t know Maithili is competing with Uttara.

Maithili gives an answer to Uttara’s challenge by her victory. Uttara gets angry to lose for the first time because of Falguni. Maithili plans to celebrate. She throws a success party and invites Falguni. She makes Falguni the guest of honour, as she has helped her in getting the contract. Uttara can’t accept her defeat. She was wishing to strike both Maithili and Falguni at once. She didn’t expect Falguni to surpass her talents. Uttara burns her designed sarees in anger.


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