Saloni fears for Ahana’s marital cord in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan leaves the house and hugely misses Anant. He can’t stop thinking about Anant. At the same time, he fears that Ahana may ruin Anant’s life. Anant is hurt that Rehaan has doubted on his decision, which proves Rehaan finds him foolish and insensible. Anant doesn’t want anyone to judge his relation with Ahana. Roshni blames Ahana for making Rehaan out of the house. She thinks Ahana is breaking her family. Anant helps Saloni and Tarun in their financial crisis.

Roshni feels Ahana is getting benefits for her own family. Roshni tells Rehaan that Ahana has broken him off the family. Rehaan misses the family. Saloni learns about Rehaan’s departure. She feels Guru ji’s prediction about Ahana’s suffering marriage may come true because of Rehan. Ahana plans a honeymoon. Anant and Ahana leave for their honeymoon, to avoid the tension in the family. Roshni gets sad that Anant has forgotten her birthday because of Ahana. Roshni learns Anant will be away on her birthday. She doesn’t remind Anant to test his love for the family.


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