Simmi fails to keep Ishita away in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman feels Pihu is his daughter. Ishita introduces Pihu as her daughter and makes Raman meet her lucky charm. She triggers Raman’s memory. Simmi and Parmeet fail to stop Ishita. Ishita sends Pihu to be with Raman, so that he remembers her again. Pihu bonds with Raman after a long time. Raman doesn’t feel happy at all. Pihu gets sad seeing his behavior. Ishita sticks close to Raman and tries to remind him the old things. Ishita and Raman are asked to vote for the best CEO, even if they are the nominees.

Ishita votes for Raman. They start their nok jhok. She thinks of the similar moment happened before. Simmi understands Ishita is trying to remind things to Raman. She doesn’t want Raman to recall the past. Raman feels connected to Ishita. He gets memory flashes and suddenly collapses. Ishita and the family worry for Raman. Ishita looks after Raman. Simmi tries to make Ishita away. Ishita tells Simmi that she is Raman’s wife. Simmi scolds her for killing Ananya. Shagun asks Simmi to allow Ishita. She lets Ishita stay with Raman. Ishita doesn’t give up her plans. She desperately wants Raman to recall the family.


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