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Harman gets blackmailed by Mohini in Shakti

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Harak and Mohini take a cool avatar and plan to go on a holiday trip. Harak and Mohini shock everyone by telling them about their honeymoon. They sing songs. Mohini says we are going to Darjeeling. Harman, Soumya and Preeto stop them. Harman stops Harak from going. Soumya wants justice for Preeto. She forcibly takes Soumya to the room and locks her. Harak tries to stop her. Harman catches hold of Harak. Harak says I m your dad, till you accept Mohini in the family, I will not stop. He loses his cool and asks Harman will he listen a kinner in his own house, a kinner can’t give him any orders. Harman and Harak’s argument continues. Preeto acts strong having her family support. Preeto doesn’t react much as she has lost the place in Harak’s life. She doesn’t get in between the matter as her son and bahu are fighting for her. Preeto wants Harak to forget Mohini forever.

Soumya gets into an argument with Harak Singh. Harak does the aarti and makes Mohini do the puja with him. Soumya stops Harak and Mohini, and makes Preeto do the aarti. Harak doesn’t get back. He still supports Mohini and divides the family. He asks Soumya why is she complaining for little things.

Soumya says this is Preeto’s rights, she always does morning aarti with you. Harak asks Soumya not to remind him. Mohini calms down Harak. Harak tells the family that he will not do the aarti with Preeto, if anyone stands with Preeto, then he will kick the person out of the house. He stops anyone from joining Preeto. Mohini wins in this move. Preeto has gets Soumya and Harman with her. Harman takes a shocking decision. The villagers ask Mohini to leave. Mohini shows Harak’s love letter and blackmails Harman. Harman upsets the family. He tells everyone that Mohini will not go anywhere. Soumya and Preeto get a shock and ask him what made him take this decision. Harman hides the matter from them. Harman challenges Harak for a wrestling match. Harak thinks what’s going on in Harman’s mind. There will be big twists in the show.






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