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YRKKH: Kartik defends Suwarna in front of Manish and entire family. He tells Manish that Suwarna has lied and hidden the big truth just for him. Naira tells them that Suwarna has also gone through a big sorrow by parting her son away. Aryan scolds Kartik for supporting Suwarna on knowing she has done injustice for him. He asks Kartik how can Suwarna do injustice with an innocent child. He feels she has left him and made his life worse. Kartik asks Aryan to get anger out on him. Dadi doesn’t want Kartik to take the responsibility of Suwarna’s mistakes. Dadi doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. Suwarna begs them to forgive her. She breaks down when the family opposes her. Suwarna gets misunderstood by the family.


Raman finds Ishita with him. He gets scared thinking she is after him. He asks her to stay away and not do anything, else he will shout for help. He runs out of the room. Pihu gets scared to go to Bhalla family. She prefers to stay with Iyers, so that Simmi can get avoided. Raman feels fine and returns to the party. He asks Pihu to spend time with her. He wants Pihu to be away from Ishita. He thinks Ishita is not right for them. Ishita finds Pihu needing help. She reminisces the same moment when Ruhi needed her help in childhood. Raman stays with Pihu. Ishita tries to help Pihu.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Adhiraj checks the CCTV footage. He finds out that Lakshya has got kidnapped. Pujan gets glad that Lakshya didn’t come back. He feels he has run away. Satrupa tells them that Lakshya was very happy, he had no motive to elope. Kamini angers Anami by blaming Lakshya to run away with some cash or jewelry. She tells everyone that maybe Lakshya is a thief. She goes to check her room. Anami scolds her for saying wrong about her brother. She gets hurt. Satrupa asks Kamini to see the situation and speak up, rather than proving her foolishness. Kamini feels humiliated.


Avni tells Neil that Juhi has done Bebe’s accident just to marry him. Neil gets a big shock. Avni tells him that she has no proof against Juhi. He tells her that he needs no proof from her, as he knows she is true. He tells her that he doesn’t remember about that night, so Juhi has taken advantage and cheated him. He feels Juhi has fallen very low by lying to him about Mishti, who is Vidyut’s daughter. He thinks he has risked his relation with Avni for Mishti’s sake. He apologizes to Avni. Avni tells him that Juhi got very clever and she will never accept her mistake. He makes a plan to convince Juhi by faking a marriage as per her wish. Avni thanks Neil for believing her. They spend some good moments.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Gupta learns that Rehaan has left Anant’s house. He tries to help Rehaan and offers him a job. Rehaan doesn’t agree to him and tells him about Tarun joining Anant’s business. He asks Gupta to think for his own son first. Rehaan tries to find the person who has ruined Anant’s wedding by informing the media. He tries to find details of the secret caller. Laila finds Ahana is lucky to settle with Anant. She meets Gupta’s wife and passes taunts on her for losing her son because of her husband’s anger. Laila pities her. Laila is happy that Tarun is suffering because of his own parents. They end up arguing.

Saloni plans to surprise Tarun’s mum about his new job. Saloni meets her at a fashion show event. Ahana keeps Laila away from Guptas. Rehaan gets angry on seeing Ahana at the event. She thinks how she has taken revenge from him by making him out of Anant’s life. Rehaan takes revenge from Saloni to hurt Ahana. He meets the reporter and threatens her. He asks her the person who made her publish wrong news about Anant.

Rehaan wants to know who has leaked the news in the media. Reporter tells about her source, Laila’s friend Shelly. Rehaan understands Shelly has taken revenge from Laila by leaking the news. Rehaan meets Shelly and confronts her for her act. Rehaan misses Anant. He gets close to know Ahana’s intentions. He thinks of meeting Anant after getting some proof against Ahana. Shelly would be breaking Ahana’s reason behind marrying Anant, the hatred in her heart for Laila. Rehaan will learn that Ahana has married Anant to stop Laila for succeeding in her plans.

Meri Durga:
Sanjay executes his plans by adding wine in drinks. He thinks she has created a trouble for herself by staying hungry since morning. Yashpal alerts Durga against Sanjay’s plans. Durga tells him that she is strong, she can handle Sanjay. She asks him not to oppose Sanjay and his family in the birthday party. Durga gets ready for the party. Sanjay compliments her. He challenges her to do as he does. They come closer while competing. He fools her and makes her drink wine. He thinks Durga will fall in a trouble by herself. Sanjay welcomes the guests in the party. He asks Yashpal to be ready for meeting Durga. Durga gets totally drunk and misbehaves in the party.


Tej collapses while fuming in anger over losing his sons’ rights. The family gets worried for Tej getting a heart attack. Jhanvi gets angered and keeps Shivay away from Tej. She reminds him his vow to set everything fine. She tells him that he has done this with Tej. She asks him to leave from the house if he wants everything to get fine for them. She orders him to get away from them. Pinky asks Jhanvi how can she ask Shivay to leave. Jhanvi doesn’t want to see Shivay’s face. Dadi doesn’t want Shivay to leave. Jhanvi asks Shivay to fulfill his promise and just go away. Jhanvi bears everyone’s anger. Shivay gets ready to do as Jhanvi wants. He tells her that he can even give his life for his family. He gets ready to leave his family. Pinky, Shakti, Dadi and Anika get worried with his decision. Everyone prays for Tej’s recovery.


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