Pari to unveil big secrets in Sasural Simar Ka

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Pari is planning against Simar and Mata ji. Roshni doubts on Pari’s weird behavior. Paro meets someone and buys a poison bottle from him. The man tells her that the poison is very strong, the person can’t survive after having a bit of it. Simar sees Pari and confronts her. Pari lies that she is unwell and ordered medicines from chemist. Simar tells her that she will stay with her and take care. Pari doesn’t want Simar to be with him. Pari wants to know the secret hidden by Simar. She has found some clues against Simar. She feels Simar is wrong. Simar finds Roshni worried. She asks the reason for her tension. Roshni lies to her about Piyush’s work stress. She thinks she has to lie till she gets a proof against Pari. She wants to protect Mata ji from Pari’s planning.

Piyush, Roshni and Sanjana take selfies. Pari sees them busy. She sees the tea kept and adds poison in it. She wants to kill Mata ji. Her plan gets flopped as Sanjana drops the tray by mistake. Pari scolds Sanjana. Piyush says its a small mistake, no need to shout. Pari says Sanjana can do any big mistake tomorrow. Mata ji asks Pari to stop it, tea can be made again. Pari gets scared seeing Mata ji and runs to her room. She fears Mata ji can kill her anytime. She is trying to save herself. Pari learns the dark secrets hidden in the box.


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