A tough choice for little Pihu in Bhootu


Suchi gets troubled while wearing a saree. Aarav sees Suchi’s difficulty. He understands he can’t wear the saree on her own. Aarav turns there to help her. He helps her while talking to her. Aarav compliments her beauty. Aarav loves her. He gifts her bangles and completes her look. They have a sweet moment. Suchi and Aarav will be united by Pihu. Aarav asks Suchi to stay in this house, she can never leave. Suchi refuses to stay there. She takes Pihu along. Pihu fails to step out of the house. She tells Suchi that she feels like colliding with a wall, she is not able to come out. Suchi gets worried.

Pihu wants to go hospital and meet her mum. She asks Gopal to help her. Gopal helps her. He makes arrangements for her, so that she can meet Anandita every day. Suchi takes a decision to leave the house. Gopal tells Pihu that her identity will end if she leaves her house. Pihu refuses to go with Suchi. She has to choose either Suchi or her identity. Suchi unwillingly stays back in the house for Pihu’s sake. Gopal tells Pihu that he has fulfilled her dream. What will be Pihu’s decision? Keep reading.


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