Dadi decides ‘not-to-forgive’ Suwarna in Yeh Rishta…


Naira and Kartik promise Suwarna that they will support her and make the family forgive her. Dadi doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna. She feels Suwarna has created more troubles for Manish and her. She tells Surekha that Suwarna has ruined their family name by this step. She feels sorry for Aryan, who had to live a poor life. Kartik feels guilty. Naira tells him that they have to be strong to take care of Suwarna. He thanks her for support. Singhanias don’t know about Aryan. Kirti tries to contact the family and know about Aryan’s case. Manish takes care of Aryan. Aryan too likes to stay with Manish. His emotions break out when Manish loves him. Manish asks Aryan not to worry for him. Manish understands the phase Aryan is experiencing.

He thinks Suwarna did a big mistake to make Aryan’s life so traumatized. Naira wants Aryan to accept Suwarna as his mum. She tries to take Dadi on her side. Dadi doesn’t want to help Suwarna. Naira finds Dadi worried. She assures everything will get fine. The relations get shaken by Aryan’s homecoming. Manish thinks Aryan will need time to forget his past and accept things.


The family prepares to make Aryan’s stay better. Aryan tries to take Kartik’s place. Kartik and Naira explain Aryan to accept Suwarna, since she loves him a lot. Kartik doesn’t want Aryan to repeat his mistake. He asks Aryan to end his annoyance. Aryan vents out anger on Kartik. He makes Kartik feel guilty. Aryan sticks to Manish and keeps him away from Kartik. Kartik doesn’t feel bad of Aryan’s doings. He understands Aryan’s efforts to bond with Manish. Kartik sends the kids to cheer up Suwarna.

The family feels bad that Suwarna has cheated everyone, she has hidden the truth because she never trusted them. Surekha suggests Naira to reveal Aryan’s truth to Kirti and Naksh. Naira gets an upsetting call from Raghav. She gets angry on him. He calls her repeatedly. She thinks of sharing the matter with Kartik. Kartik gets busy in looking after Suwarna. Naira decides to not tell anything to Kartik as he is already dealing with much problems. Naira thinks she can tackle Raghav alone.

Dadi tries to set a room for Aryan. She thinks things will get worse when they feel sympathy for Aryan. She is angry that Suwarna lied to them and made them commit a crime as well. Naira defends Suwarna’s sacrifice. Dadi gets more concerned for revealing the news to the society, who will make fun of their family. Dadi asks Naira to shift Suwarna to the guest room, as its Manish’s orders. Naira feels Suwarna is getting punished by the family for no fault. Suwarna doesn’t oppose Dadi’s decision. She decides to obey the family’s orders, since she feels she has really done wrong with them. Kartik takes a stand for Suwarna again.


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