Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Satrupa’s angry avatar to target Purushottam


Anami misses Lakshya and cries in his worry. Dadi and Satrupa take care of her. Adhiraj too reaches her to give a consoling shoulder. Purushottam scares Lakshya. He tells her that he will kill Anami and him the next day. Satrupa has faith in Adhiraj. She asks him to get Lakshya back at any cost. Anami doesn’t know who has kidnapped Lakshya and why. She feels sorry to lie to Madhu about Lakshya. Adhiraj tells her that Lakshya is safe, else they would have got informed about him. He promises her that he will get Lakshya back.

Satrupa sends her men to find Lakshya. She asks them to do anything necessary to get Lakshya. She feels police will not work ahead of them. She asks them to just get Lakshya back to Lal Mahal, using any fair and unfair means. She asks them to find the intruder as well. Anami gets a parcel from the kidnapper. She gets a phone inside. Purushottam contacts her. He tells her that the web was laid for her, but her brother got caught. He threatens her that he will kill Lakshya, if she doesn’t pay a good price for the junk. Anami gets scared for Lakshya’s life. He asks her not to tell anyone about the call, else she will find her brother dead.

Anami gets to speak to Lakshya. He cries and asks her to get him freed soon, as Purushottam is hurting him. Anami feels helpless as she doesn’t know her enemy. She doesn’t know how to save Lakshya. She gets heartbroken hearing his cry on the call. She assures him that she will soon come to take him. She asks Purushottam not to harm her brother. He asks her not to act smart and better drop the thought of informing Adhiraj.

Anami agrees to him. He tells her that he will call her again to decide where to meet her and do the deal for Lakshya’s life. He asks her to win his trust as he is keeping a constant eye on her. Sudha sends her aide to keep a watch on Anami’s move. Anami doesn’t want to risk Lakshya’s life. Anami hides the phone from Adhiraj when he comes to check on her. Adhiraj asks her not to worry and take rest, he will come with a good news soon. Anami wins Purushottam’s trust by not involving Adhiraj. He asks her to meet him at the place decided.

Adhiraj shares the matter with Dheeru. He tells Dheeru that Purushottam came to kidnap Anami, but took Lakshya instead. Dheeru asks him to act wise and that too within the time he has in hand. He fears for Lakshya’s life. Adhiraj realizes Anami’s enemies are prepares for the attack. Sudha makes sure Purushottam’s plan doesn’t fail. She hides the matter from sensitive Narottam. She makes plan to use Lakshya as bait to catch Anami. Anami reaches the place to free Lakshya. She gets surrounded by the goons. Sudha waits for the news of Anami’s death. She thinks Satrupa can never fail her. Satrupa gets a lead about Lakshya’s location. Satrupa too tracks Purushottam and succeeds to save Lakshya in time.


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