Uma to marry Paulmi in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

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Uma Shankar’s Haldi ceremony will be seen. Uma is marrying Paulmi. Kanak becomes part of the function. She sees Uma and Paulmi’s union. She is hopeful that Uma will break the marriage and come back to her. Paulmi shows attitude to Kanak, as she has won her love finally. Maasi has played this plan. She has kept Ved and Payal’s marriage along. Kanak and Uma have an argument. Uma snatches mangalsutra from her. The mangalsutra doesn’t part away from Kanak. Uma and Kanak have a romantic moment. Uma wishes to tell Kanak that he loves her, but thinks of their divorce decision.

Uma is not happy to marry Paulmi. He is helpless to keep his promise to Maasi. He is hurt seeing Kanak around. Maasi tells him that Paulmi loves him a lot, she worships him like Lord. Uma is in shock knowing Paulmi’s feelings. Uma doesn’t want to marry Paulmi and wishes some miracle happens. Paulmi and Maasi are very happy as they have thrown out Kanak from Uma’s life. Kanak stays neutral and does her duties. She tells Uma that she has come from Ved’s family. Uma is upset as he loves Kanak and she is not understanding him. He expects her to understand his silence. He recalls the promises Kanak and he made to each other. Uma’s marriage with Paulmi will not happen.

Uma tells Kanak that they have lost each other, this mangalsutra has no meaning now. He asks her to return the mangalsutra. Kanak tells him that she will not break their relation, she will return the mangalsutra, even if she dies. Kanak doesn’t want to break her relation. He asks her to explain her heart, their relation ended with divorce, now he is becoming someone else’s husband, he is marrying Paulmi. Kanak is sure that their relation can’t end, as they are connected by hearts.

Bhabho learns about Kanak and Uma’s divorce. She asks Kanak to tell her if this is true, why did she hide this till now. Maasi tells Bhabho that Kanak has taken big alimony from Uma to sign the divorce papers. Bhabho asks Kanak to answer her. Maasi says Uma is now marrying Paulmi. Bhabho trusts Kanak. She knows Kanak can’t do anything wrong. She scolds Kanak and seeks an answer. Kanak tells the entire truth to Bhabho. She tells Bhabho that she had to choose either of Uma and her love, so she has chosen Uma. She says Uma’s well-being is important for her. Bhabho supports Kanak. She encourages and blesses Kanak.


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