Naamkarann: Vidyut’s winning move to stun all

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Avni tries hard to save Mishti from Vidyut. His car breaks down. Juhi takes advantage of the situation. She sees Mishti with Vidyut. Vidyut takes away Mishti. Avni tries to find Mishti. She fails to contact Neil. Juhi follows Mishti, when she runs away from Vidyut’s clutches. Juhi kidnaps Mishti to use her against Neil and Avni. Neil and Neela try to trace Vidyut and Juhi. Neil receives Vidyut’s location. They reach the jungle area and look for him. Vidyut plays hide and seek with Avni. Juhi gets away with Mishti. Mishti recalls Avni’s teachings to leave clues to get traced by Avni.

Mishti tries to make Avni reach her. She asks Juhi to leave her. Juhi asks Mishti to stop chanting Avni’s name. Avni gets the clues from Mishti. She still thinks Vidyut has Mishti. She determines to save Mishti from Vidyut. Avni then learns Juhi is the one who took away Mishti. Juhi tries to call Vidyut to get help, while he makes a plan to counter Juhi and Avni together.

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Avni gets to face Vidyut’s goon and fights with him. She manages to get saved from him. Juhi tries to scare Mishti to make her obey. Avni spots Juhi and warns her against hurting Mishti. Avni doesn’t think Juhi deserves to become Mishti’s mother. Juhi looks for Vidyut. She feels a threat on her life. Avni tells her that Vidyut will never help her. She scolds Juhi for using Mishti. She asks Juhi to realize her mistakes and rectify it. Juhi provokes Avni to shoot her if she has courage. Neil and Neela reach the place and see Avni threatening to kill Juhi. Vidyut’s game succeeds. He happily plans to conclude the game with his winning move.






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