Sanjay’s new move to trouble Durga in Meri Durga


Sanjay plans to trouble Durga by hurting her family. He takes an agricultural project in hand, with a planning to ruin down Durga’s house by making such a layout. Sanjay wants to make Yashpal homeless. He recalls Yashpal’s threatening and insulting words. Sanjay thinks Durga can never cope up with this shock. Gayatri learns Sanjay’s plans to hurt Durga and feels proud. She doesn’t let Sanjay know that she is training Durga. Meanwhile, Rajveer takes disguise and hides from Yashpal. Yashpal sees Rajveer in the market. He tries to track Rajveer. He thinks Rajveer is training Durga. He doesn’t know Gayatri is training Durga for the championship.

Rajveer tries to divert Yashpal’s attention. He wears a saree and dons a ghunghat. He succeeds to hide from Yashpal. At the practice grounds, Gayatri tries to break Durga’s confidence. She praises Durga’s courage for coming for the training, even when she knows her house is going to get dismantled. Durga tells her that her family is her strength. Gayatri says your house will be demolished soon, your family will come on roads, then just you will be their sole support. Gayatri gives tough exercises to Durga. She tells Durga that this training is very much necessary. She ties ropes to Durga’s legs. She asks Durga to run and prove her talents. Durga passes all her challenges.


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