Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to fall in huge trouble

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Everyone pays for Pihu’s return. Ishita finds a clue in the video. She asks Raman and Mani to find Pihu. Shagun promises Ishita that they will get Pihu safely. Most of the family members leave for tracking Pihu. The police tracks the kidnappers’ phone and informs Raman about the location. Raman informs Shagun about the change of location. He asks her not to get distracted by the kidnapper. Ishita gets another video from the kidnapper. She realizes Pihu is caught up in Raman’s factory. She gets threatened to keep the message hidden. Ishita cleverly leaves a message for Raman. Simmi gets her note and burns it, wishing Ishita and Raman lose Pihu forever, as she has lost Ananya.

Simmi learns Pihu’s location and hides from everyone. Simmi acts to be good hearted in front of the family. She doesn’t want the family to reach Pihu. Ishita leaves from the house in search of Pihu. She tries to reach the factory.

Raman and police try to find the kidnapper. They get some information from the jeweler. They learn the kidnapper is going to come to the jewelry shop any moment. Police asks the family members to hide, so that they can catch the kidnapper. The kidnapper arrives there to get cash from the jewelry. The family catches him and learns the kidnapper has sent someone else to receive the cash. Police fails to find the kidnapper. Raman requests police to find Pihu. Ishita reaches the factory and looks for Pihu. She gets tricked by the kidnapper. Her search for Pihu finally comes to an end when she reaches Pihu. The kidnapper uses Pihu to attack Ishita.


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