Manish to rebuke Aryan’s move in Yeh Rishta…


Suwarna collides with Aryan/Shubham on the stairs. She falls down the stairs. Aryan doesn’t save her. He sees her getting hurt, but doesn’t hold in time. Kartik and Naira receive a shock seeing Aryan’s hatred for Suwarna. Aryan risks her life because of his anger. He ignores Suwarna. Manish sees Suwarna’s injury. He sees Aryan playing a game on his phone. He gets angry on Aryan. He scolds Aryan for not holding Suwarna, anything would have happened to her, she could have got severely injured. He asks Aryan why did he not hold Suwarna, it was his duty to help her. Manish gets concerned for Suwarna. Kartik and Naira understand that Manish loves Suwarna a lot.

They get happy that Manish took a stand for Suwarna. Aryan understands Kartik is bringing Suwarna close to Manish. He doesn’t give up his annoyance. He asks Manish why should he help Suwarna, did she take care of him, anything could have happened to him when she left him after birth. He asks Manish did his annoyance end, what happened to him. He reminds Suwarna’s mistake to Manish again. Aryan doesn’t want to forgive Suwarna.


Aryan says you hate Suwarna now, then why is your love reviving. Aryan speaks out his emotions. He tells Manish that he doesn’t care for Suwarna, as she didn’t care for him ever. Manish gets speechless hearing Aryan’s blames. Kartik and Naira take help from Akhilesh and Surekha. They try to convince Manish for the anniversary celebrations. Akhilesh tries to talk to Manish in office. Kartik and Naira spy on Manish. They find Manish venting anger on staff. Akhilesh tells Kartik that its not right time to talk to Manish. Kartik doesn’t lose hope. Naira tells Kartik that everything will get fine on the anniversary day.


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