Naren to give away Pooja’s responsibility in Piyaa Albela


Neelima scares Pooja by showing her a knife and threatens her. She signs Pooja about the upcoming danger on her. Pooja reacts in fear and gets herself freed from Harsha. This makes Harsha accidentally fall down the stairs. Harsha gets much hurt, while the family holds Pooja responsible for Harsha’s state.

Supriya and Naren have an argument over Pooja’s state. He was expecting his life to get sorted, but things have gone wrong. She tells Naren that Pooja has gone mad, she wants medical treatment. Naren argues with her. He tells her that he will leave from the house, and take along Pooja. Naren is against sending Pooja to the hospital. Naren feels bad when Supriya calls Pooja mentally unstable. He says Pooja has lost a place in her heart and house, so he will be leaving. She asks him till when will he keep a mad girl in his lap. She wants Naren to be safe. Naren tells her that Pooja is his life, he can’t put her in risk. He thanks her for all her concern. The family gets against Naren’s decision.


Supriya stops Naren. She asks him to let her take care of Pooja like the way she wants. Naren asks Supriya what price shall I pay you for this favor. Supriya angrily slaps Naren. She makes him promise that he will not interfere in her doings. Naren knows Supriya will be strict towards Pooja. He hopes Supriya’s love and care makes Pooja recover soon. Supriya asks Naren to give away Pooja’s total responsibility to her. Naren readily agrees. Neelima, Rahul and Surbhi find their plans getting easier with Supriya stepping in Naren’s place.



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