Ratan to sort Diya’s dilemma in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya falls in trouble with Abhay’s return. She doesn’t know she should get happy or sad. She feels bad for Abhay’s sacrifice. Her past has come in front of her. She is still related to her past. She can’t end her connection with Abhay. On the other hand, Diya thinks of her duties towards Ratan. Ratan sees her crying. He asks her not to compromise her life, she should go ahead and marry her love Abhay. He tells her that she should start a new life with Abhay.

Ratan is Diya’s best friend. He is very happy that Abhay has come back in her life. Ratan wants Diya to be happy. He thinks Diya loves Abhay. Diya tries to hide her feelings. Ratan tries to convince her, that she should leave worrying for him and focus on her own life. He asks her to marry Abhay and live her life. He promises to be careful of his enemies and protect himself. Diya has to choose between her love and duty. She thinks of her promise given to Maan Singh. She can’t turn her face away from her duty. She wants to be Ratan’s Pehredaar. She has to decide if she will stay with Ratan or go with Abhay. Ratan will try to bring Diya and Abhay closer. Ratan will be falling in love with Diya.


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