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Ayushaman Bhava:
Vikrant wants to find Krish’s weakness, so that he can teach him a lesson. Krish threatens Vikrant. He has revealed all his truth to Vikrant. He challenges Vikrant to do anything against his son in law. Vikrant is afraid for his daughter’s happiness. He doesn’t want Krish to hurt Kavya. Krish succeeded in his motives. He cares for Kavya. Though he doesn’t love her, he wants to keep his friendship. Krish doesn’t want to spare Vikrant, Sudhir and Samaira.

Chakor scolds Imli for all her wrong doings. Imli doesn’t love Chakor anymore. Imli thinks she is very powerful. Imli doesn’t regard Chakor as sister now. She doesn’t care what Chakor thinks about her. She has broken ties with Chakor. Chakor is much determined. She is not scared of Imli. She is disheartened to see Imli’s evil side. Ranvijay calms down Imli. They throw out Chakor from the haveli. Chakor sees Suraj and gets new hopes. Chakor wants to remind Suraj their seven vows of marriage. She reaches Suraj and faces his anger.

Kundali Bhagya:

Prithvi gets worried thinking Janki can reveal Sherlyn and his truth. The family asks Janki to tell them about the culprit. Preeta tells Karan and Rishabh that Janki knows the truth behind the fire incident in Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Prithvi doesn’t want to get caught.


Preeto can’t accept Mohini and Harak’s relation. She locks herself in the room. She feels nothing is left in her life now. She really decides to end her life. Raavi and Soumya ask her to open the door. Harman breaks the window and sees Preeto’s deed. She attempts suicide. Harman and Soumya get a huge shock seeing her extreme step. Harman saves Preeto. He stops her from giving her life. Preeto is having an emotional breakdown. He asks Preeto did she go mad. He gets angry on her. He can’t tolerate anything such. He tells her that if she tries something like this again, he will get away from her forever. He hugs Preeto. He tells her that her son is with her, they will together deal with Harak’s cheat. Soumya asks Preeto to stay strong.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar is much worried. She is managing the magical box. She has lost her sleep. She doesn’t want anyone to open the box. She hears someone out. She thinks anyone can take the magical box. She keeps the box in the temple. She prays to Mata Rani to keep the family safe. She is afraid that the box can break relations. She asks Mata Rani to secure the box. She decides to throw away the box somewhere. She ties the box to the temple bell. She thinks if anyone tries to take the box, the bell will ring and she can learn about it. She doesn’t want the box to create any new problem.

Piyaa Albela:

Neelima scares Pooja by showing her a knife and threatens her. She signs Pooja about the upcoming danger on her. Pooja reacts in fear and gets herself freed from Harsha. This makes Harsha accidentally fall down the stairs. Harsha gets much hurt, while the family holds Pooja responsible for Harsha’s state.


Gauri receives the organic vegetables. The man gives her the bill. Tia instigates Tej again. She asks Tej are they still following Shivay’s decision by buying organic stuff, why are they paying for this, when Shivay has left. Gauri takes Shivay’s side that he ordered organic vegetables for them, even when he is away, he cares for everyone’s health. She defends Shivay, which makes Tej angered. Tej asks Gauri why is she supporting Shivay after what he did with Omkara. Tej raises a question on Shivay’s decisions taken till now, was he deciding for the family’s welfare or his profits.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul reaches the bachelors’ party. The dancer tries to get close to Anant. Mandira’s dad plans to defame Anant and make him fall in everyone’s eyes. Bulbul worriedly finds Vijay. She doesn’t find him anywhere. He gets much drunk. He stumbles and gets support from the dancer. The dancer spikes his drink. Vijay tries to leave from the place. He feels uncomfortable. Bulbul finds the party odd. She reaches Vijay to rescue him.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay meets Yashpal and tells about the irrigation project, which would knock off his house. Sanjay asks Yashpal to vacate the house within two days. Yashpal gets informed that the house now belongs to the government. The family gets worried, knowing the house would be demolished. Sanjay troubles them to distract Durga’s training. Durga gets a new task from Gayatri, who is making her run during training and complete all her house duties as well. Durga understands Gayatri’s intentions. She uses her smartness and manages to make the prasad. Gayatri gets angry seeing Durga failing each of her plans. She then plans a bike stunt to challenge Durga.


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