Kartik gets troubled by holding suspicions in Yeh Rishta…

Kartik and Naira to unite

Naira tells Kartik that she is very happy as her past has come back in her present. Kartik gets worried thinking she is talking about Raghav. She misses her ashram and friends. Her innocent words give a wrong hint to him. Naira does a lot of shopping with Kirti and Kartik. She wants to buy stuff for Manish and Suwarna’s anniversary party. Naira buys the silver jewelry which she used to wear in Rishikesh. She likes the local jewelry shop. She recalls her old days. She tells Kirti that she used to wear such jewelry in Rishikesh, Kartik knows this well as he had seen her life in Rishkesh.

She says I didn’t had much money in ashram, but I used to collect money and buy some stuff. She asks Kartik to make her wear the beads. She gets very happy reminiscing her old days. She enjoys the shopping, while Kartik has big worries in his mind. He has seen Raghav in the market. He recalls seeing Naira’s picture in Raghav’s wallet. He doesn’t know how to ask Naira. Kartik thinks if Naira had a relation before, if so, why did she not tell him on her own. He doesn’t confront her. He expects her to be true to him. Kirti and Naira buy gifts for Manish and Suwarna. Kirti misses Naksh. She tells Naira that Naksh is busy and asked her to join them alone.


Kartik doubts Naira and Raghav. He sees Raghav buying N alphabet pendant at the shop. He then sees Naira buying similar things. Raghav knows her choice. Kartik sees Raghav and Naira choosing same jewelry accessories. He sees them on either sided shops and gets thinking if there is any connection between them. He thinks maybe he is wrong to doubt Naira. His smile vanishes. He gets lost in thoughts. Naira asks him why did he get so silent. Kartik then hears Raghav confessing his love for Naira. He gets worried knowing Raghav has come from Rishikesh for his love. Raghav is Naira’s past. He wants to get rich like her. He wants Naira to accept his love. Raghav will bring some problems between Naira and Kartik.


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