Raman gets moved by Ishita’s death in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Raman wants to kill the kidnapper. He worries for Pihu’s life. Mani and Shagun take care of Pihu. Raman gets to know that Ishita might be in his godown. Mani tells Raman that he heard Ishita has also gone to that godown. Raman and Mani reach the godown to find Ishita. They get a huge shock when they find Ishita in an unconscious state. Police checks Ishita. Inspector tells them that Ishita is dead. The family breaks down with this shocking news. Raman doesn’t know what happened with her. He thinks she is still alive. Inspector asks them to accept that she is really dead.

Raman still takes her to the hospital with a hope that she is alive. He asks inspector not to send her for post mortem. Police asks them to move back from the crime area. The family doesn’t allow the post mortem. Police gets all of them back off. Raman doesn’t know his relation with Ishita. He doesn’t know how to react on her death news, but feels shattered.


Shagun takes care of Pihu. Pihu gets conscious. She gets adamant to meet Ishita. Shagun and the family try to find out about Ishita. Ruhi puts Pihu to sleep. Shagun calls up Mani to get an answer. Mani breaks the shocking news, that they found Ishita dead. Shagun gets moved by the news. She cries for Ishita’s loss. The family breaks down when Shagun reveals the bitter truth to them. They don’t know how to deal with the truth. Raman gets Ishita to the hospital to make the doctors check her once. He hopes that the doctors will give them a positive news. Raman feels nothing will happen to Ishita.

Mani and Bala have belief in Raman’s intuition. Raman gives them strength. They feel sorry for Raman, who doesn’t remember what Ishita means to him. The doctor confirms Ishita’s death, which breaks them once again. Raman’s bitterness gets aside when he sees Ishita leaving from their lives. He starts feeling some connection with her. Simmi and Parmeet get happy that Ishita is dead. Simmi gets some fun by playing with Iyers’ emotions over Ishita’s death. Pihu feels guilty that Ishita died because of her. Ruhi consoles her.

Simmi vents out her anger. She feels good thing has happened that Ishita left them. She goes to beat up Pihu. Ruhi warns Simmi against hurting Pihu again. Ruhi feels sorry for Simmi, who lost even humanity. She takes Pihu’s responsibility. She asks Simmi to stay away from them. Simmi thinks she can separate Ruhi and Pihu too. Parmeet talks to his crime partner and questions about his move to kill Ishita, which was not decided. Parmeet fears his crime can get known to the family. Ishita stays alive, while the doctors declare her dead. Her enemy takes revenge from her by injecting the drugs to stop her heart and body functioning. Ishita pleads to her family to save her, instead doing her final rites. Will Raman succeed to revive Ishita’s life? Keep reading.


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