Shivay misses Obros’ bonding post accident in Ishqbaaz


Shivay attempts to save the children. The bus reaches the cliff, while the driver gets injured. He loses consciousness. Shivay reaches there and tries to get down the children before the bus falls down the cliff. The bus gets stuck and oscillates. Shivay and Anika balance the bus by save everyone. Shivay and Anika drop the children out by the back door. Shivay asks Anika to get down the bus. She sticks to her words. He asks her to fasten up and leave. She tells him that she can die with him, but not live without him. Shivay asks her to understand the situation and not be mad. They both stay adamant to be together. He asks her to trust him once and just do as he tells her. He sends Anika down the bus. The bus loses the balance when she leaves. The bus slips into the valley. Anika fears for Shivay’s life, since he is still caught up inside the bus. Anika shouts for him, and feels she has really lost him. The kids console Anika. Anika cries out her pain. She asks him to come back.

Meanwhile, Pinky feels Tej and Jhanvi did much injustice with Shivay. She tells Shakti that Shivay didn’t think for his parents to obey Tej. She feels she should also leave the house, as the family has oust Shivay for no reason.

Shakti asks her not to break down their mum this way. He says we have to be answerable to Shivay when he returns. He reminds her duties towards his mum. He wants to get Shivay home. She gets adamant to stay back home and teach a lesson to Tej and Jhanvi. She makes a plan against them.


Shivay survives the bus accident. He comes back as the survivor. Anika gets glad finding him alive and safe. Dadi’s prayers get answered. Shivay gets a new life. Shivay tells the kids not to cry, as he will make everything fine. He recalls his brothers’ childhood on seeing the little kids. He starts missing Omkara and Rudra. He unites with Anika. He feels like he has gone too far from his brothers. Anika consoles him in his weak moment. Shivay and Anika get honor by the city Mayor, who thanks them for rescuing the kids. Shivay tells him that he has come to setup a new business. Mayor helps them to settle. Shivay tells him that he has an own house here. Mayor gives him a good welcome. Anika gets praising of Shivay, who runs time on his pace.

Jhanvi looks after Tej’s recovery. Tej is sure to get fine as Shivay has left the house. He takes tension thinking about Omkara’s return. He believes Omkara will take Shivay’s side. He thinks Shivay has poisoned his sons against him. Jhanvi asks him to tell the matter to Omkara. She hopes Omkara will understand them. Tej fears Omkara will madly give away everything to Shivay. Pinky cries for her son. She doesn’t forget what they did with Shivay. She wants to get justice for Shivay.


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