Sudha’s expectations to fall flat in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Satrupa engages Purushottam by telling him that Sudha will not give him any share in the property. Purushottam gets instigated by Satrupa. He calls Sudha to ask about his share, which she promised him before. Sudha demands him to do what she tells him, as this is not the time to ask for any property share. She refuses to include his name in the documents. Satrupa tells Purushottam that Sudha will end her ties once he does her work. She asks him to accept her offer and join her, by understand Sudha’s motives. She tells him that Sudha will make Narottam the heir. She threatens him of police. She asks him to make a wise choice without getting emotional. Anami reaches the place to find Laddoo.

She gets surrounded by Purushottam’s goons. Satrupa learns Anami has reached the place too. She asks her men to send off Anami from the risky place. Purushottam tells Satrupa that he has called Anami. She gets angry knowing his plans. Satrupa’s men hunt down Lakshya. Sudha learns Anami has gone to rescue her brother. She waits for her death news and starts celebrating, just like she did at the time of Vatsalya’s death. Lakshya gets rescued in time. Satrupa gets emotional on seeing him safe. She fails Purushottam’s plans. She asks him what will he do now, when he rejected her good offer and also lost Lakshya.

Purushottam takes Lakshya at gun point to pressurize Satrupa. He wants to make an easy escape by using Lakshya. Satrupa asks Lakshya to fight back, as Anami taught him. She gets Lakshya freed from Purushottam’s clutches. She asks her men to spare Purushottam’s life, when she had the chance to kill him. Purushottam gets confused by her decision. Satrupa keeps her promise to Anami. She unites Anami and Lakshya. Anami decides to secure Lakshya and return home. She gets a new fear about losing Anami to her foster family. She doesn’t want to lose Anami once again. Satrupa feels heartbroken when Anami doesn’t acknowledge her help. Satrupa feels everything will go along Anami.






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