Vidyut to turn obsessed with Avni in Naamkarann

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Neil is asked to arrest Avni and interrogate her. Commissioner believes that Avni is a criminal. Vidyut turns the tables by giving evidence against Avni. Commissioner asks Neil not to support his wife and do his duty. Neil prefers to resign from his job. Ali packs Avni’s bags and asks her to run away, before the police arrests her. Avni has belief in Neil. She doesn’t want to run away from laws. Shweta tells Ali that Neil will not let Avni get harmed. Neil gets the forensic reports, which state Avni had shot the bullet, she had the gunpowder residue on her hand. Neil fears that he has to arrest Avni.

Vidyut meets Avni and tells her that he failed her. Avni knows he has killed Juhi. She asks him does he not care for Mishti. She tells him that if she stays free, she will kill him too. Vidyut likes the fighter in her. He likes her desire to play a competition with him. She asks him to go and ask his mum about her. She threatens Vidyut, which makes him fall for her. Vidyut sees her fearless side and feels she is his soul mate. Avni tells him that she will not spare him, she will use any fair and unfair means to tackle him. Vidyut starts loving her, finding her a real powerful woman.

Vidyut invites Neil to strike a deal with him. He tells Neil to cut down all the stress by handing over Avni to him. He praises Avni’s beauty and bravery in front of Neil. Neil gets angry when Vidyut asks Neil to give away Avni to him to avoid her arrest. Neil learns Vidyut has killed Juhi and he is the one who has trapped Avni in the murder blame. Vidyut asks Neil to decide fast, if he wants to arrest his wife or give his wife to him in return for her freedom. Neil loses his cool and beats up Vidyut.

Vidyut tells him that he can never save his wife by going the legal way. He tells Neil that he can save Avni from the blame. He feels obsessed for Avni. He feels just Avni deserves to be his love. Neil asks him to stay in his limits. He threatens to kill Vidyut. Vidyut asks Neil to think for Avni’s future. Neil gets more tensed, as he doesn’t want innocent Avni to land behind bars. Avni learns the pressures Neil is dealing with. Commissioner asks Neil to arrest Avni. Neil wants to prove Avni’s innocence. He tells commissioner that he will try his best to find evidence.

Avni thinks Neil is facing difficulties because of him. She feels guilty seeing Neil’s problems. Neil asks her not to have any worries and go home to take some rest. He hides Vidyut’s conditions from her. Neil reaches the crime scene to find any evidence to prove Vidyut’s crime. Avni understands the growing tension in their lives. Avni starts slipping in her past. She thinks Vidyut can never use police against Neil and her. She wants to prove her innocence. Avni looks for the evidences. She falls in risk. Neil asks Avni not to come between his investigations. He asks her why does she always break laws, she will become prime suspect if she is seen at the crime spot. He wants to explain her that he is doing everything to save her. Neil fakes his hatred to arrest Avni. He breaks her heart to save her from Vidyut.


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