Vikrant to lose his ancestral house in Ayushaman Bhava

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Krish starts taking revenge from Vikrant. He makes Vikrant name his bungalow to Kaushalya. Vikrant and Maai get angry on Krish. Krish doesn’t get affected. Vikrant learns Krish has taken his signatures by cheating him. He says I will throw you to jail and this time I will not think even of Kavya. Krish goes ahead in his plans. He feeds sweets to Vikrant and congratulates him for losing his haveli. Kavya doesn’t know the matter. Vikrant behaves well with Krish on seeing Kavya. He can’t bear the cheat. He threatens Krish that his big mistake will cost him a big price. Krish asks him to find a roof for him first, as this house is now of Kaushalya, she will decide whom will she allow to live here.

Krish tells Vikrant that Sudhir has helped him a lot in getting the property. He says Sudhir has foolishly taken your signatures without checking the papers, and made my work easy. Vikrant doubts Sudhir and scolds him for supporting Krish. Sudhir tells him that he is innocent, he doesn’t know how and when did Krish keep those papers and take the signatures. Vikrant says you have made this plan with Krish and cheated me.

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He thinks Sudhir is also involved and took his property. He calls Sudhir a big fool. He says this happened because of your negligence, I m standing in my own house as an outsider. He asks Sudhir to get out. Sudhir tries to explain. Kavya learns Vikrant did a good deed. Krish tells her that Vikrant has permitted Kaushalya to stay with them inside their house. She praises Vikrant for being so generous. She likes his best surprise. She says you are the best dad, you gave me the best gift, I couldn’t imagine you can take such a big step. She thanks him. She says I m so excited, Kaushalya will come to stay with us, we should throw a party and celebrate. Krish asks Vikrant to hold a fake smile for Kavya’s sake and see the beginning of his destruction. What will Vikrant do? Keep reading.






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