Game changer twist: Satrupa to kidnap Narottam in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Anami reaches the place to find Lakshya. Adhiraj spots her there. Anami fails to find Lakshya there. Satrupa does the unexpected when the mother in her overpowers her mind. She decides to hide Lakshya from Anami. She doesn’t unite them, thinking Anami will get away from her when her motive gets fulfilled. Satrupa doesn’t want to lose Anami. Sudha plans to get Lal Mahal in her hands. She is sure that her brother will fulfill her hopes and then none can make her out of Lal Mahal. Purushottam gets caught by Satrupa’s men. He tries to fool them to manage an escape. Purushottam makes a last wish before his death. He traps the men in his sugary words.

Adhiraj takes Anami home. Anami justifies her step of taking a disguise and going to meet Purushottam, to save Lakshya. She couldn’t think of anything else than saving Lakshya. She asks Satrupa if she has found Lakshya. Satrupa feels its not the time that Anami gets Lakshya back. She thinks she has to deal with Sudha first. She doesn’t want Sudha to play with Anami’s emotions. Sudha worries knowing Purushottam failed to catch Anami. She gets angry on seeing Anami back in Lal Mahal.

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Adhiraj tells Anami that Satrupa is hiding something, as she has also gone to the same hideout of the kidnappers. Baldev takes a stand for Satrupa. He tells Adhiraj that Satrupa can’t be blamed, she has gone there to save Lakshya. He blames Adhiraj for kidnapping Lakshya. Satrupa comes back home and sorts all the rising questions. She tells them that she has got a call from the kidnapper and she had also gone to find Lakshya. Adhiraj questions her the reason for hiding everything. He believes she is cooking a story to distract them. Satrupa keeps her words and fools all of them, thinking about Anami’s welfare. She asks Anami how could she go alone to meet Purushottam by risking her life. Anami just worries for Lakshya. Anami bonds with Satrupa and shares her pain. Satrupa gets glad and feels her decision to hide Lakshya was right.

Sudha tries to contact Purushottam. She wants Anami to get killed at any cost. Sudha waits for Narottam. She calls him, and learns Satrupa has kidnapped him. Sudha gets a big shock and fears that Satrupa did something with him. Satrupa demands her to return Lakshya to her, if she wants to see her son safe. Sudha loses her mind and attacks on Satrupa. Satrupa and Sudha have an argument over involving their weaknesses in their big battle. Satrupa provokes Sudha so that Sudha does some mistake and gets spotted by Anami. Satrupa makes sure that Lakshya and Narottam stay fine. Sudha fails to find Purushottam and Narottam. Sudha turns mad in rage. Will Satrupa succeed to show Sudha’s truth to Anami? Keep reading.






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