Chakor prompts Suraj to regain memory in Udaan

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Chakor teaches self-defence techniques to the villagers. She tells Kasturi that everyone has to protect themselves from Imli’s tortures. She starts training the children first. She has learnt the self defence tips in jail. She doesn’t want to feel helpless. She feels children are the future of the world. She wants the children to encourage their parents as well. Chakor can’t tolerate the evil doings of Imli and Ranvijay. Chakor motives everyone to come ahead and become strong. She wants everyone to fight for their rights.

Elsewhere, Imli and Ranvijay poison Suraj’s mind against Chakor. They don’t want Suraj to get back to Chakor. They are afraid that Chakor can succeed and make Suraj recover his memory. Imli doesn’t want Chakor to get strength by Suraj’s support. Suraj gets his anger out. He writes Chakor’s name on a pot and shoots at it. Imli tells Suraj that Chakor was his enemy before, and now she is trying to play with his emotions.

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Chakor wants Suraj to escape from Imli and Ranvijay’s evil. Chakor meets Suraj and tries to remind him their love. Suraj tries to keep her away. She has many hopes from him. She feels tired of fighting the battle along. She wants Suraj to support her. Chakor asks Suraj to identify her, she is his love, his wife. Suraj doesn’t remember her. He gets a strange feeling when she constantly pushes him to recall the past. Chakor is trying hard to make Suraj recall the past. She is sure once Suraj recalls everything, he will get against Imli and Ranvijay. She is sure that he will get his memory back soon.






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