Durga’s counter-reply to shock Sanjay in Meri Durga


Sanjay and Durga have a fight. Sanjay gets the bulldozer to ruin her house. Durga doesn’t deter. Yashpal and Brij start ruining Sanjay’s house. They hammer the walls and break everything around. Durga asks Sanjay to change his decision and stop them. She asks Yashpal to break more things. She is doing this to save her house. She wants him to realize the feeling, what someone feels when they see their own house’s destruction.

She asks Sanjay to return back and not touch her house. Sanjay angrily comes back to stop Yashpal. He gets tempered seeing his house broken. Durga shows him the live video to Sanjay. Durga and Sanjay get into an argument. Durga tells him that she will show her madness to him. Yashpal and Brij pour kerosene around to burn the house. Durga tells Sanjay that she will burn his house if he doesn’t listen to her. She threatens him. She asks him to get stay orders for her house. Sanjay gets helpless. Sanjay returns home and gets a big shock seeing his house’s miserable state. Sanjay aims more revenge via his next move.


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