Manish drawn against fulfilling commitments in Yeh Rishta..


Manish schedules many meetings to avoid Suwarna. He doesn’t want any anniversary party. Kartik cancels all the meetings to force Manish into attending the party. Kartik and Naira try to convince Manish. Suwarna gets new hopes. She prepares for the party with all her heart. Aryan doesn’t help Suwarna when she falls down the stairs. Manish comes to her rescue. He gets angry on Aryan’s immaturity and carelessness. His concern for Suwarna gets witnessed. Manish scolds Aryan for hurting Suwarna. Aryan targets Suwarna again. He reminds Manish what Suwarna did to him. He asks Manish if he is preparing to celebrate his anniversary again. Aryan fills anger back in Manish’s mind.

Kartik goes to the market with Naira and Kirti. They shop for the party. Raghav intentionally follows Kartik and makes him believe that Naira was in love with him before. Kartik gets worried seeing Raghav around Naira. Raghav makes Kartik doubt on Naira. Aryan decides to invite his known people for the party. Dadi stops him from doing this.


Aryan gets more upset. He doesn’t want to leave the chance. He thinks he can settle scores with Suwarna in the party. He plans to introduce himself to the guests and expose Suwarna’s deed. Naira gets too excited for the party. Kartik goes lost thinking about her life in Rishikesh. Naira tells him about her old days. Kartik recalls their first meet. He doesn’t want Raghav to meet Naira. He wants to know if Raghav is a good person. He doesn’t want Naira to get harmed by anyone.

Suwarna’s brother calls up Manish and tries to explain him why Suwarna has sacrificed Aryan for Kartik’s sake. He asks Manish to understand where Aryan stands in his life. He makes Manish recall that he has always given importance to Kartik. He tells Manish that Suwarna has done everything for him and his son’s relationship. Suwarna, Naira and Kartik try to make Manish realize the reason behind abandoning Aryan. Manish tries to think by a different perception. Dadi keeps a peace prayer at home. She asks Naira not to put respect at stake to call happiness home. She doesn’t want Naira to insult Goenka family just for Suwarna’s heart. Naira assures Dadi that nothing will go wrong in the party. The family gets together in the puja. Suwarna expects Manish to forgive her. Naira brings them together once again. Aryan understands Kartik and Naira’s planning and gets miffed.


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