Ranvijay conspires to weaponize Suraj in Udaan

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Imli and Ranvijay use Suraj’s hatred for Chakor. Imli is much troubled by Chakor’s return. She doesn’t want Chakor to interfere in her work. Suraj thinks Chakor is a hurdle for him and his masters. Ranvijay asks Suraj not to be foolish to waste the bullets by shooting at the pots. Imli asks him to stop shooting. Ranvijay says you will spoil our name by such mad doings. Imli asks Suraj to share his problem. He tells that Chakor always follows him, she keeps asking him to recall their relation. He shares the entire matter.

He says maybe Chakor wants to fight with you both by using me, she may have enmity with us, she always speaks against you, which I can’t tolerate. He tells them that he can’t stand Chakor’s nonsense, he just wants to hurt her. Imli tells him that Chakor is doing this by jealousy. She says you know we have done a lot for Aazaadgunj. Suraj worships them as Lord. He thanks them for doing so much for him. He is ready to give his life for them. Ranvijay tells Imli that they should get Chakor killed, its time to get rid of their enemy, and what can be better than getting her killed by her own love. He asks Imli to instruct Suraj to kill Chakor. Imli gets in two minds, thinking its not the right time to kill Chakor.






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