Sudha displays her true colors in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Satrupa safeguards Lakshya. She exploits Sudha’s emotions by threatening her about Narottam’s life. Satrupa kidnaps Narottam. She makes Sudha lose her temper. Sudha gets mad by Satrupa’s threatening. She decides to kill Satrupa, while Naina stops her in time. Sudha rages to give an answer to Satrupa. She feels trapped from all corners. She wants Purushottam and Narottam to be back on her side. Satrupa waits for Sudha to react angrily. She provokes Sudha more.

Adhiraj feels disturbed that Lakshya got kidnapped because of Lal Mahal’s politics. He doesn’t want Anami to become a target like Vatsalya. He wants to secure Anami and support her in sorrow. Anami misses Lakshya and sheds tears. Satrupa comes to share her sorrow. She hides the fact that she has rescued Lakshya and kept him safe. Anami requests Satrupa to find Lakshya. Satrupa spends time with Anami. She tries to fill back strength in Anami. She feels hurt seeing Anami’s wound. She tells Anami that she feels bad when Anami gets hurt. Anami weeps for Lakshya.

Satrupa makes Lakshya’s stay comfortable. He realizes Anami is facing a threat. He asks Satrupa to take him to Anami. Satrupa tells him to stay away from Anami for some time, else Anami will fall in danger. She convinces Lakshya to be strong and save Anami. Lakshya too wants to save Anami. Satrupa and Lakshya keep their secret. She manages to keep the boy happy. Satrupa finds Anami unwell and takes care of her. Sudha reaches Satrupa to know about Narottam. Satrupa refuses to divulge any details. She instigates Sudha into doing something shocking for Anami’s eyes. Sudha demands to get information about Narottam. Satrupa asks her to remember, Narottam can pay for her crimes. Sudha attacks Satrupa. She understands Satrupa’s plans and takes a step back.






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