Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan regrets over Pankti's quitting love

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan to reveal his deal with JD

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Ahaan sings in a bar to earn money. JD creates troubles for him. JD sends some people to disturb Ahaan and break his courage. The men insult Ahaan while he sings. Ahaan gets angry on them and gets into a fight. JD sends Manav there to build more pressure on Ahaan. Ahaan’s angry avatar upsets Manav. Ahaan fails in his endeavors. Ahaan lands in police station. Uday tries to help him. Ahaan tells inspector that he didn’t initiate the fight. Inspector troubles Ahaan on JD’s orders. He is doing every work coming his way. He is not caring for the type of people hiring him. Ahaan finds everyone working for JD. He loses his cool. Pankti comes to meet Ahaan. She finds him behind the bars and gets worried thinking her love will trouble Ahaan more.

Ahaan returns home and stays worried. Ahaan asks Aparna to support him. Aparna understands his problem. Ahaan is trying to hide JD’s condition from her. She asks him why did he sing in the cheap bar. She knows when Ahaan says truth or lies to her. She makes him swear to know the matter. Ahaan tells her that he has signed a deal with JD. He says I met JD to ask him to free Pankti, he didn’t agree and kept a condition, he asked me to get ten crores within ten days to get Pankti freed. Aparna learns the entire matter. She asks him not to hide anything from her again.

She gets worried knowing his problems. She tells him that its not a right way to free Pankti. She fears Pankti will misunderstand Ahaan. She asks him not to make Pankti feel like a commodity. He tells her that Pankti is supporting him. He asks her to support him in saving Pankti. She asks how will you arrange ten crores in ten days. She doesn’t want any tension in the house. She asks Ahaan not to deal Pankti. He explains her that he is not buying Pankti, he is just trying to buy her freedom. He feels Pankti deserves much happiness. Ahaan faces a tough situation when time tests his love.






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