Naamkarann: Avni to earn a new enemy in prison

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil turns into crime fighter Neo. He fixes the bomb to the truck and blasts the consignment. He ruins Vidyut again. He wants to make Vidyut pay for his crimes this way. He wants to get justice for Avni. He promises to get Avni back in his life. Neil failed to punish Vidyut by the legal way. He doesn’t want to spare Vidyut. Vidyut doubts that Neil is behind everything. Neil uses a hologram projector and fools Vidyut by his presence at home. Meanwhile, Avni deals with her sorrow. She thinks of Neil’s deceive. Neela and Neil aim to ruin Vidyut and drive him to the core that he accepts his crime of murdering Juhi and framing Avni. Neil wants to save Avni from Vidyut.

Vidyut guesses that Neil is a heartbroken lover, and he is taking revenge from him by targeting his business. Vidyut doesn’t believe that Neo is someone else. He is sure that Neil is fooling him and doing everything against him as Neo. Neil regrets to let Juhi come back in his life. He regrets to lose Avni. He doesn’t want Avni to suffer more. He promises to free her from jail soon.

Sunehri performs dance in the jail. The other jail inmates creates a scene. Sunehri and Monica get into an argument. Avni gets informed about Monica misbehaving with Sunehri. Avni reaches Sunehri to save her. Avni fights with Monica to save Sunehri. Monica tries to rule over everyone in the jail. Avni manages to teach a lesson to Monica. Jailer stops the fight. Everyone supports Avni and clear her name from the fight incident. Avni manages to get Monica punished. Monica turns into Avni’s enemy. Avni doesn’t want to leave any evidence against her doings. She wants to break the prison and take revenge from Vidyut.


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