Oberoi family sketches a heartbreaking division in Ishqbaaz


Shivay goes for shopping grocery. He gets missing his family, while taking to the vendor. He learns about Anika visiting the market. The vendor tells him what Anika did. Shivay denies to know her. He then defends her. The vendor gets happy seeing his generous side. Omkara feels tensed to attend the business meetings. He decides to go office just for Shivay’s sake. He wants to protect Shivay’s dream by putting efforts. Gauri fills in confidence in him. Omkara thanks her for all her support. Omkara leaves for office. Gauri receives the organic vegetables ordered by Shivay. Tia provokes Tej, asking him if he will pay for Shivay’s choice of vegetables. Gauri takes a stand for Shivay. Tej refuses to pay for the vegetables.

Pinky gets into an argument with Tej for his cheap thinking. They learn Shivay has already paid for the vegetables. The payment gets cleared. Pinky gets angry on Tej. They both go an extra mile dragging their arguments and hurting Dadi’s sentiments. Tia asks Shivay not to lose her control. She asks Tej to do something so that Shivay doesn’t act great by doing such petty stuff.

Tej and Pinky suggest they should divide the house to maintain the much needed peace. Dadi gets much depressed. Dadi misses Shivay. She feels Shivay would have been at home and stop the bad happenings. Dadi, Gauri and Rudra try their best to stop the division of the house. They fail to save the house from breaking. Dadi doesn’t want to forgive Tej and Pinky for showing her this unfortunate day.

Shivay comes home with vegetables and helps Anika with cooking. Shivay helps Anika. He cooks the food. He asks her not to worry for the little mistakes. She encourages him for making everything fine. She reminds him that he is SSO, who can do anything. Anika boosts his confidence. Shivaye happily shows his SSO side and gets confident to run the business on his terms and conditions. Shivay scares the corrupt officer about the IT raid and fools him. He then makes sure the officer agrees to give him the necessary documents for his new business. Shwetlana visits the courier office to get Shivay’s parcel. The man refuses to hand over the parcel. She smartly fools him and gets the parcel. She gets Shivay’s threatening note in the parcel. She decides to follow Shivay to Goa and know his motives.


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