Shakti: Mohini attempts to win the family

High Five Spoilers Shakti Bahu Begum and more

Raavi beats Balwinder with the slipper. He asks her not to go mad. He shouts to Harman for help. She is troubled by his unemployment. Harman, Soumya and everyone stop Raavi. Harman asks Raavi did she go mad to beat her husband. He asks her to fight in the room and not create a scene at home. Raavi is angered as Balwinder always lied to her about his job. She tells them that Balwinder doesn’t have any job, he has sold her jewelry and cheated her. Raavi sheds tears thinking Balwinder couldn’t earn his self-respect till now.

Mohini tries to get Raavi in her favor. She tells Raavi that she has no problem with Balwinder and her. She says I didn’t make Preeto out of the house, you can also stay here. She offers help to Raavi. Soumya gets the food for Raavi. Mohini asks Raavi to make a relation of friendship with her. She then shows her true colors to Soumya. She threatens Soumya. She says don’t come in my way, if I go out and shout that you are a kinner, you will be gone, then your husband and mum-in-law will not support you, you will have to deal with the problems alone. Soumya doesn’t pay attention to her threatening. Mohini keeps her away from Raavi.

Harman, Preeto and Soumya come home. Mohini reveals to them that Preeto has killed Soumya’s mum Nimmi. She spoils their happiness. She attempts to break their unity. Soumya gets a big shock knowing this and asks Preeto is this true. Preeto gets speechless. Mohini wants to break Preeto and Soumya’s bonding. She is close to get her motives fulfilled. She wants to get Harak’s house and property. She is getting angry as Soumya is coming in her way. She is close to her aim. Harak is completely in her control. Mohini doesn’t want anyone to spoil her plan. Mohini thinks Soumya will not have a big heart to forgive Preeto. She feels Preeto can’t do anything if Harman and Soumya withdraw their support.

Soumya sheds tears and feels Nimmi died because of her. She thinks if she was not a kinner, her family would have been living happy. She learns Nimmi died in shock after Preeto insulted her about Soumya’s kinner truth. Preeto worries seeing Soumya’s sorrow. She calls Saaya home and reveals the matter. She asks Saaya to explain Soumya that its not her mistake. Saaya and Soumya’s Nani come to meet her and explain that she is not at fault, its destiny playing with their lives. They try to lighten Soumya’s heart.


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